Monkeys - Single

by Jamie Flett

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Monkeys 07:09
Does a monkey go to hell for pleasuring himself? If you believe that, you’ll believe this as well They used to call the faithful with a bell To tell them they had forgiveness to sell How many angels can you dance with on a pin? They would argue this point until all their ships came in They could not hear the truth above the din No, they could not hear the sense above the din “I’m afraid of the devil” Joni told us in a song But if you’re not afraid then you could come along Just don’t go there alone Just don’t leave her alone Now Satan was the original individual He was fighting for his freedom, built his own merry hell That’s the story they tell That’s the story they tell You couldn’t sleep so I didn’t sleep There’s a skull in that fishtank and he’s baring his teeth And he’s staring at me And he’s staring at me I don’t know if it’s worry, if it’s the fear of the big sleep Or if our eyes are open wide because we’re in too deep Hear the noise in the street Hear the noise in the street You’ll have to pay the boatman though you don’t want to go If you don’t pay the ferry toll you’ll stay in the shadows Even then you’ll pay the man Even then you’ll pay the man Even then you’ll pay the man Even then you’ll pay the man
Noisy Shoes 05:13
Are you left betrayed by what they now say About promises they made in their younger days? When you reach out you wound Scissor hands and noisy shoes Will it end up just being you? Just you Just you Savage in a brave new world Try to tell them to be free As free as your mind will allow you to be They will not listen They do not know how You will not listen You do not know how


released June 6, 2014

Made and played by Jamie Flett and The Flaming Jets, see individual tracks for who played what..

Artwork by Pam McDonald:


all rights reserved



Jamie Flett Glasgow

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