Introducing Jamie Flett - FREE EP

by Jamie Flett

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Trying to have a little conversation with you It's like trying to speak to a bouncing ball "You're a hard one to read" she says to me You should try it from this side Then your view wouldn't seem so hard at all From over here the view looks foggier still She flicks me a glance like she was taking aim Makes me think maybe I should be ducking Or, should I try my luck? We could go out for a fffffff ..feed the ducks It's a merry dance we lead each other As we chance our arms on our hearts
Flying Feet 04:40
We capered flying feet Round unsteady streets Toes tapped the tears in time Broken beat and rhyme Non-sense being good sense Around us between us Talked down to us Thirteen of us We all see a direction In simple tricks of reflection Splintered glass polished brass Split the route warp the task Reflection Deception Imperfect Perfection Rescue me Rescue me Altered states evade hate's Fingers scratching at our backs At where it is at Fly from that no not that Wrapped in escape Wrapped in escape Rescue me Rescue me Rescue me
Rain Hymn 04:04
Come cleaning rain Wash round the bend Wash my sister Clean my friend Clean the husband Wash the wife Clean this city Clean my life Come cleaning rain Wash through the door Wash my body Clean my soul Clean the words Wash the doubt Clean the pavements Wash it out Come cleaning rain Wash round the bend Wash the parade Of mice and men Wash the blood off The things we've hurt Wash what's covered Out of the dirt
My father telling me We lost a son to the sea His eyes gone totally green Lost him to the weight of the sea Lost him To the wait and see Black spot in me and thee Black as the heart of the smoking city Black as the deep where the angler fish sees Under miles of the weight of the sea Hiding Wait and see On the still rock she sways The light from her gaze Showing the depth of the dark And the two men who wait For the storm to abate Rocking within her arms As the still waters swell So we'll find ourselves in other worlds Far higher, far deeper than our lungs will allow We'll climb and we won't know if it's up or down All the time the elements crashing around


These four tracks are intended to be an introduction to the music of Jamie Flett. The first is a taster from his forthcoming release on Big Rock Candy Records: 'Tales from the Cuckoo's Nest.' The next two are from his first self-released album 'Cold but Bright' which is also available here on Bandcamp and the final track is an unreleased song exclusive to this EP.


released June 25, 2012

Artwork by Pam McDonald -

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